Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cloth Diapering: Three Things to Ask Yourself When Considering Buying

Covers, Liners, and Poo, Oh My!

When I was pregnant, my OCD was terrible and the thought of putting my precious baby into chemical filled disposable diapers scared me. Cloth diapering was the ONLY option for me in my mind. I researched a lot on Amazon, other mom blogs, and online in general to determine three things: what I could afford, what I wanted, and what I needed.

What I Could Afford:
Not much, unfortunately. One reason we decided to go with cloth diapers is because we knew we could not afford to go out and buy diapers every time we needed them. Cloth diapers would be a one time investment with a a little extra cost on the water and electricity every month vs. buying packages of diapers every two weeks or so. There are several great breakdowns I found online: The Simple DollarBaby Gear LabWellness Mama. Overall, it seemed a better choice for us to go with cloth diapers. Since we couldn't actually afford much, we went with 12 diaper covers with pockets, 24 flat liners and 12 gusseted, two wet/dirty bags gifted from a friend, a trash can for wipes. We decided we would buy wipes which adds a little to our expenses every month but saves on time and energy since we can just toss them. I am also very sensitive to smells as they trigger my contamination OCD, so we went with a more expensive brand of wipes to begin with that were all natural. We later switched to cheaper wipes to save money. We recently were able to purchase 6 more covers that came with one flat liner each and 12 more gusseted liners. We now have a total of 18 diaper covers with pockets, and 30 flat liners and 24 gusseted liners and those only cost us total around $300. However, if we hadn't been ripped of by the Amazon seller and gotten our diapers from the right company, we would have saved maybe $150 dollars for the same brand and style.

What I Wanted:
As I mentioned above, we ended getting covers with pockets and liners to stuff them with. I wanted to be sure to get gusseted liners as well (since most pocket diaper packages come with flat liners) because I knew that they were better for preventing leaks. I also wanted something natural, and thankfully, the gusseted diapers I was interested in were five layer charcoal and bamboo. They are great absorbents and never leak. The pre-packaged flat liners that come with the diapers however, are more prone to leaking so I try to only use them as extra padding inside the pockets and during the day when he doesn't go down for such long sleeps. My religious OCD (or Scrupulosity) was pretty bad while pregnant so we went with plain diaper covers, however for our more recent purchase we bought some very cute patterned covers that have me grinning every time I see them!

What I Needed:
I am, of course, a big proponent for the simple and the necessary. You can get many, many extras and accessories for cloth diapering. All I needed were the basics listed above. And it's that simple. You don't really need any more than that. There are products out there that make cloth diapering easier or more convenient but I don't advocate for their usage. (Of course, it could just be my OCD but we'll ignore that.)
We are able to make do with what we have, but honestly, I really would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have even more patterned diapers. Once you see how adorable your little one is in them, you'll never want them to wear pants again!

A Week in Cloth Diapers
A normal week for us used to have me washing diapers 2 or 3 times. That was when I only needed to use one liner per diaper and changed them about 6 or 7 times a day. However, I recently needed to add a second liner to his diapers to give him more overnight absorbency since he began sleeping through the night. But we also just got 18 more liners, so I'm not too worried about doing too much laundry. I wash the liners, and them hang them on the line to bleach in fair weather or dry them in the dryer during stormy or cloudy afternoons. With the added liner, his covers also last longer without getting damp, so I can manage to change it in the morning and keep it on all day. Then I'll change it before he goes to sleep at night. So he uses two covers in a 24 hour period (usually). If he poos really big, then the cover gets changed because the liners alone have a hard time containing that splattery orange baby poo. I try to rinse poopy liners and covers once a day then add them to a wet bag. Just wet diapers go straight to the wet bag beside the changing table.

Love at First Snap
I really do enjoy cloth diapering and thankfully am not triggered by baby poo. To me, cloth diapering means a more wholesome, happy experience as well as a cheaper healthier choice. My hubby and I have gotten to the point where even trying to use disposables is hard. "How do these work again?" "Is it one tight enough?" "Do you think it'll fall off?" Lol! We must be some of the only parents in the world who find cloth diapering actually easier!

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Thank you for reading! -Destiny